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Erotic Catalogue — Origins of a Risque Species

arb vidwall

What started as a simple request for assistance from an aspiring porn star way back in 1990 turned into — well, we can’t be sure, but something a lot different certainly.

Way back in the day, a Risqué Business was a tiny little management company that had moved from Las Vegas to Hollywood. We set up like hundreds of other similar groups in this “Mecca for Makebelieve” with one itty-bitty exception: Our clients tended to work naked a lot more than some of those represented by others. From the beginning we have considered that a distinction WITH a difference.

If you’re old enough to remember being really, really excited when computer monitors started being able to display a whopping 16 colors, well, you’ll have some idea of the environment in which we found ourselves as we began our online activities. (Of course you might also be well advised not to admit that to anyone. Young people can be very judgmental as a group, you know.)

In the mid to late 1990's we worked on a now archaic conceptual realm called a “Bulletin Board System” — or BBS. We initially set out to find a more advanced way to interact with people in Fan Clubs, and over time the whole “Web Thing” just took off. A membership “Commune” launched by late 1999, and an online store for our clients seemed like the next logical step.

Erotic Catalogue hit the airwaves — or electrons, whatever — clear back in the dark ages of 2000. In our circumstance we welcomed in a new century with a stunning selection of beautiful naked women, and honestly we haven’t looked back since. The products have changed over the years, but our approach to them certainly has not.

Perhaps the simple rule our founder continually tries to drill into our heads says it best:

"You can buy adult movies in literally thousands of places online. Around here, though, you get them from people that actually live them. We don’t sell 10,000 different titles, but we do sell shows we stand behind."

For better or worse — and it can be both, we assure you — living the life makes a difference.

Have fun looking around, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. And if you’ve actually read this far, you might think about checking out our parent site risque.com because clearly you pay a lot more attention than most people. You might like us. …

The “EC” Team

at a Risqué Business

Juli Ashton in Jamaica