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We have said for years that people in the adult industry live in Mayberry. It happens to be primarily in a city of several million people, but it’s still basically Mayberry.

Everyone in the business pretty much knows everyone else — or at the very least knows someone that knows them — so feel free to take advantage of that “fishbowl” environment. So if you have a question or a comment about a movie, or a company, or a specific star, feel free to Contact Erotic Catalogue. Obviously we will not be letting out secrets personal to anyone, but that still leaves a lot of latitude if you want to know a bit of the inside scoop.

Small towns still have a certain charm. Imagine if people were naked in public a lot of the time. … It kind of adds a whole new dimension to the town hall meeting.


Old-School Contact Systems:

  • Send a Letter:

    a Risqué Business
    9800-D Topanga Cyn Blvd, #352
    Chatsworth, CA 91311

    (They still sell postage stamps, right?)

  • Talk to a Human:

    (888) 201-5505 — Within the United States

    (661) 252-5756 — Outside the USA (Although since we only take orders from within the US, we cannot imagine why anyone outside the country would want to call. Still, there you have it.)

  • Official Site Operator (and Being of Other Importantness, Hail Chieftains):

    Adult Diary, Inc.

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