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a Risque Business Knife

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Grand Poobah’s Hoopla: In brief order, befitting this introduction area after all, you should be aware of the keen value held by a Risqué Business knife on a porn shoot. In addition to the small, but mighty blade for opening packages of new sex toys, the knife also has little scissors for cutting tags off of lingerie. Equally important in some circumstances, it has a nail file that actually works, because, let’s be honest, in some sexual situations, having sharp nails can be a definite bummer, killing the mood faster than a broken condom — or thinking about your mom. It also has a remarkably efficient pair of tweezers tucked into a slot in the back, perhaps not critical in most lives, but pretty darned important if they’re going to record every aspect of your body in high definition soon — and then keep it on the internet forever.

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Pockets feeling a little empty, lately? You need a Risqué Pocket Knife. This diminutive (2¼ inch) knife is a real dynamo! It has a blade, scissors, a nail file, a toothpick, and tweezers. Plus, it has a handy loop for attaching to a key chain. Granted, you won't be skinning this season's elk with it, but this will come in handy for cutting twine, opening packages — all the important stuff like that. The scissors are actually pretty handy, as you’ll find out. [To top it off, we're pretty sure this item will be in the “Must Have” category in the next release of How to Win Friends and Influence People].

We walked around with a Risqué knife in our pocket for two months, and the writing didn't wear off! That's a plus. We would have tested longer, but dang it was really hard getting all of us into that one pair of pants.

Knives are small, so we are selling them at a buck over our cost, because we actually realize that they’re going to tack “shipping and handling” onto the order no matter what we do. (Just remember to pack it in your checked baggage if you're going on a plane. In this one rare instance in life, size doesn’t matter.)

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