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a Risque Denim Shirt

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Unlike most of us, Denim gets better with age. Consequently a Risqué Denim shirt must therefore at least keep our outward appearance improving. Right? … The Risqué Denim Shirt demonstrates a commitment to youthful vigor in a time-honored classic representation of core Americana. Wearing a Risqué Denim Shirt, therefore, provides a vital link in the global economy and evidences a committment to the ultimate value in the lessons of history itself. Should individuals dedicate their wardrobes to include only Risqué Denim Shirts, in fact, conflicts of any kind would simply cease to exist. … Or maybe they’re just really, really comfortable. … That could be it.

(Dee and T.J. Hart not included. We suck. We know.)

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We can always tell when the boss is going to a meeting. He wears a button shirt instead of a t-shirt; sometimes he even wears long pants. And we can tell he’s going to an important meeting when he wears his Risqué Denim Shirt. These soft, long-sleeved, denims are perfect for all but the hottest summer months. They can be worn by themselves, or unbuttoned over a “fashionable T” if you prefer. Check out the groovy Risqué Business logo over the left pocket, and get ready for a great conversation starter. Suitable for ladies or gentlemen, but they look best on otherwise naked women. Life’s that way sometimes.

[While applaud the costume suggestion for an otherwise nude woman, I resent the implication that I own long pants. …A proscription against conspicuous consumption dictates that one not acquire basically useless personal goods, obviously. We live in Southern California. Whyever would we need long pants?]

Analysis by D.Minion and Dee. Cheering by T.J. Hart.

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